Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Way You Spend Money at the Checkout Counter is About to Change

$18 million PER day is at stake for credit card companies, yet you will benefit!

That’s how much money American Express, Capital One, Chase, Discover and all the other credit card companies could soon be losing thanks to an unprecedented shift in the way Americans use their credit cards.

Likely, you’ve already heard a lot about this monumental development…
See, recently Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled Apple Pay – the highly anticipated system that lets you use your phone in place of your credit card.

Already, more than 750 banks are allowing their customers to use Apple’s revolutionary system.

They’re happily giving up as much as $18 million per day – that’s an astonishing $6.57 billion per year! – just to be a part of Apple’s payment revolution.

And now, from Whole Foods to Panera to Target, Office Depot, and everything in between, more than 220,000 merchants all across the country are falling all over themselves to partner with Apple.

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