Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taylor Proposes To Taylor - New Moon Star Proposes To Swift

The latest news on the Twilight star, Taylor Lautner is that he has proposed to girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Apparently the New Moon star has dropped to one knee in hopes of creating a long-lasting relationship with Miss Swift.

This is not good news for the millions of young ladies swooning over the hunky 17 year old celebrity.

As most good parents would be, considering the ages of the two stars, they aren't too happy with the situation. Naturally, parents of Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner certainly are not old enough to marry and are encouraging the two lovers to get to know each other before tying the knot... we are certain millions of others are wishing the same.

Sources say Taylor's parents adore Miss Swift. However, they feel that since both of their careers are beginning to grow and considering their schedules, not to mention their ages, they need to cool their heels for awhile.

Recently, Taylor met Swift's mother and he made a good impression upon her. She loves him. “Taylor is breathing a huge sigh of relief because he’s gotten the seal of approval from Andrea Swift,” a source said. He was warned in advance that Taylor’s mom can be brutal, and she advised him to bring his A-game to their first meeting.

“Andrea came prepared with a list of rules for dating her daughter: No clubs, no Hollywood parties, and always remember that her career comes first. “She also told Taylor that if there was even a whiff of scandal or cheating, he’d be banned from seeing her.”

“Taylor’s still on his best behavior,” the source continued. “And he knows if their romance is to have a chance, he’s got to stay in her mom’s good graces.” An old Southern saying goes something like this, "You gotta go through the cow, before you can get to the calf." Evidently, Lautner has done just that with his affability and charm.

Okay, those that are swooning over the muscular young man... we guess fingers are crossing all over the world!

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