Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Kardashian Sisters Hotter & More Popular Than Paris Hilton? That's Hot!

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The Kardashian sisters once friends with Paris Hilton, hanging out together in Hollywood are now more popular than she has been in the recent past. Paris commands $100,000 for club appearances. Recently the New York Post says that Kourtney's baby-shower and baby pictures now alone commands $300,000 in the market, with all the famous magazines running after the three lovely sisters. Naturally, this has set Paris into a frenzy to regain her once coveted "It" status. Now... "That's Hot!"

The three sisters are now taking their place in new product lines released. From fashion design to jewelry design, the Kardashian sisters are giving the hotel heiress a run for the money.

The Kardashian sisters’ clothing line for Bebe is set to hit stores this spring, add to this; Kim, Kourtney and Khloe will also be launching a jewelry collection for the hip L.A. brand, Virgin Saints and Angels. Kim writes on her official website, “The collection embraces our unique style…. Romantic, edgy, and classic vintage… of at least we hope so. Our Armenian culture is very important to us and we tried to incorporate that in the jewelry also.

April 15, 2010, is the product release dates for the Kardashian's jewelry collection, to be sold in stores like Santa Barbara's "Blue Bee", "Sparkle Fred Segal", and "Nordstrom."

Insiders say that Paris is fuming as Kim Kardashian and her siblings Kourtney and Khole, whom received their fame hanging out with her in Hollywood, are taking over her once Hot status. However, with the way things go in "close" friendships, one seems to outshine the other and the break-away seems to benefit the newcomer, or in this case, newcomers.

Yes, indeed "That's hot!"

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