Monday, October 5, 2009

Randy Jackson, Gordana Gelhausen and Gift Suites

Randy Jackson is one of the original American Idol judges, and he is a Grammy Award-winning bassist, music manager, former A&R executive, singer and record producer. Randy over 25 years in the music industry.

Randy Jackson visited the 2009 Emerging Magazine Emmy Gift Suite where he talked with Emerging Magazine Gift Suite sponsor, designer Gordana Gelhausen of Project Runway and other sponsors of Emerging Magazine during the event. Gordana's designs were praised by many of the attending celebrities and media personalities. Randy Jackson gives high fives to Gordana for her work and success on Project Runway.

While visiting Emerging Magazine's Gift Suite, Mr. Jackson was introduced to several sponsors' products provided to the magazine. Over 70 celebrities enjoyed receiving a wide range of products,services and promotional materials from sponsors spanning the globe. Products and services were given as gifts from the companies represented by the magazine.

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GBK Productions produced the GBK Pre-Emmy Luxury Lounge where numerous vendors displayed their products and met the more than 70 attending celebrities. Emerging Magazine co-sponsored the two-day event held in Beverly Hills, California, September 18 and 19, 2009. The decor and theme for the event was Moroccan, very extravagant as well as luxurious.

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