Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hunter Fashion Clips - Six Year Fashion Designer With A Cause The Emmy Gift Suites and Luxury Lounges not only bring out the stars of film, television, and sports, a bevy of vendors showcase themselves as well. While covering the GBK Pre-Emmy Luxury Lounge, Emerging Magazine founder discovered quite the enterprising vendor. Hunter Stevens, a six year old designing entrepreneur dedicated to making girls feel pretty both inside and out.

Hunter Stevens of Hunter Fashion Clips designs and creates hair fashion clips and markets them to friends and others she comes into contact with. During the two-day event held September 18 and 19, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California, Hunter gave her products to over 70 attending celebrities. Hunter presented one her fashion clips to Emerging Magazine's chief photographer, Cher Ferroggiaro while visiting the 2009 Emerging Magazine Emmy Gift Suite. Emerging Magazine founder praised Hunter on her creativity and her motivation to donate portions of her profits to benefit charities.

Emerging Magazine salutes this young lady and her creativity and desire to make a positive change in the lives of others. During one of their "girl times" , Hunter's mother was teaching her the importance of giving to those in need. She ask Hunter who did she want to help? Hunter said that she wanted to help other girls. Her mother asked why and Hunter replied, " I want girls to feel pretty on the inside and the outside." At that point Hunter's mother knew that Hunter Fashion Clips was going to be more than just fashion, it had a deeper purpose.

Hunter Clips were inspired by a little girl's love for "girl time" with her mom. Arts and Crafts are not only a wonderful way to ignite the imagination, but also can be used as a time for reflection, meditation, stress relief, and "girl talk".

A portion of the profits from Hunter Clips are donated to organizations that support and encourage the mental, spiritual and physical development of girls. This year Hunter Clips has chosen CAMP DIVA as her gift recipient.

CAMP DIVA is a fun and educational non-profit program that empowers teen girls to prepare themselves for their passage into womanhood. More information on CAMP DIVA can be found at

Our hats off to Hunter Stevens!

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