Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fashion Press Release - Bellajenna, What Do Greeting Cards and Designer Jeans Have In Common?

Fashion Girl Trades In NYC Fashion District for the District of Columbia

Fashion Girl trades in NYC Fashion District for the District of Columbia What do designer jeans and custom greeting cards have in common? Everything when you're talking about style, fit and chic appeal.

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) August 1, 2009 -- Jennifer Lavallée may not be a household name - yet. But for years she has worked with celebrities like Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, Kirsten Dunst, Lucy Liu, Pierce Brosnan; a Hollywood A-List that goes on and on and also includes industry top celebrity photographers and fashion designers too. You see, Ms. Lavallée has been a creative force in the Fashion Industry - from working as the Fashion Editor at Gear Magazine to a merchandiser at the corporate offices for Calvin Klein Jeans on 7th Ave. With more than 15 years in New York City's Fashion industry, fate has now brought Ms. Lavallée to the Nation's Capital where she continues to deliver style and fashion befitting of her celebrity background. The only difference is that Ms. Lavallée (pronounced la-val-lee) now expresses her creative passion through Bellajenna designing custom cards, invitations and personal stationary.

Bellajenna ( introduces a new line of custom cards and stationary - Bella Bride, Bella Baby, Bella Birthday, Bella Casa, Bella You and Bella Flora. Standard card sets are available but what really sets Bellajenna apart from other card companies is the personal custom card design service. Whether you want to personalize a Mother's Day card, baby announcement or send out invitations for a special occasion, each custom card begins with a free consultation. Ms. Lavallée reflects on why this makes such a difference, "My wedding cake was very special. It was a Sylvia Weinstock cake. When it came time for the cake consultation, to my surprise Sylvia herself, her iconic round black rimmed eye glasses and all, sat down with my husband and me. She spent over an hour just chatting and getting to know us. What I got at the wedding was more than an absolutely beautiful and delicious cake. Our wedding cake was a true reflection of us and our style - it was perfect and to this day our friends still talk about it. I want to deliver the same attention to my clients."

"Sweetness, thoughtfulness, courtesy and charm never go out of style. Sending a card will always be in fashion' is the mantra behind Bellajenna," explains Ms. Lavallée. "Sending and receiving a card has always excited me. Ever since I was a little girl it thrills me so much to receive a card in the mail. It's like getting a little present; I just can't wait to unwrap it, check out the creative design and read the contents. To me it's the most sincere and thoughtful way of saying 'I'm thinking of you and I really care.' It's so much warmer and much more personal than an email."

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Angela said...

I checked out the website! Thanks for placing this in your blog, otherwise I may have not known. Well, maybe after my friends did.

Thank you,


m said...

These undergarments looked really nice. Its kinda of hot. I liked the guys very lot.

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