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Be A Part of the Next Big Thing in Luxury Products - Egiis Selfie Sticks - Monopods

We at EGIIS believe there should be a "Reason" to why we do what we do. To Bring the Best? To give the Most Quality? To be Unique?

All of the above. 

But most importantly.....we wanted to bring the Character and Personality of Team EGIIS out in our products. 

"To dream without soul is futile. To fly without soul is vain. Impress upon us all that which is created with the essence of soul." ~ Team EGIIS

The EGIIS X33 Hybrid Selfie Monopod may sound ordinary but in-fact is Extraordinary. We of course know there are many similar products on the market today. So what makes us any different......?

Let's start at the very beginning...

Early on, we saw a few things emerging....GoPros and Selfies. We watched as these two market segments grew exponentially with all of the accessories and add-on's possible. We saw the potential and were excited to be part of what we saw not as a trend but a natural by-product of Smartphones and GoPros. 

We spent countless hours searching and methodically taking notes of the current products available. The conclusion we ultimately came to was that there is not one company that has a Monopod or Selfie Stick with "Style" and "Character". Sure there were many choices in low cost options but we scratched our heads a bit and asked this question..... "Whether a GoPro or Smartphone, why would someone use a low grade product to accessorize such a high value phone or camera?"

It's like owning a Ferrari and putting bicycle rims on just don't do that.

"If we are going into this market, let's be different, let's stand out, let's be unique".

X33 Hybrid ~ Gold Edition
X33 Hybrid ~ Gold Edition

Fact Finding, Research & Feedback
  • The market for a "Device" for both the Smartphone and GoPro was definitely there.
  • We reached out to friends and family. Posted questions via Social Media. Even spent hours at the local mall asking shoppers for feedback.  
  • All research indicated that as long as there existed a need for Smartphones, with ever better photo capabilities and active sports fanatics wanting to document their adventures, there is the need for a "better" way to get those once in a life time shots.   
  •  We now had a Clear Picture of what was needed.
  • To Combine two products into One (thus the Hybrid).
Sourcing, Design, & Prototypes
Prototype 001
Prototype 001

  • Unless you have your own factory, finding the right manufacturer was a project in its self but luckily, we've built up years of relationships with several factories and was able to narrow it down and expedite the process. 
  • Drawings, sketches and ideas were tossed back and forth. Samples were sent overnight and were studied, tested, dis-assembled and assembled until we came up with a working base prototype.
  • We were happy indeed but not fully satisfied as we knew more could be done and knew that a little extra effort on our part will pay off in Creating something UNIQUE
What we thought would take a couple months took more than double the time. But alas, we wanted to be sure to offer a complete product in every way rather than force a "nearly" finished product pre-maturely. 
Once we looked at the final product we were quite impressed ourselves. Here we have a product that will Enhance and Elevate rather than lessen or take away from your photographic moments.  
It is our pleasure to introduce to you the.......

EGIIS X33 Hybrid Selfie Monopod

Believe it or not, there are many components to this product than one would think.....Here's a few factors we had to consider. 
  • Length ~ Materials ~ Expanding and Retracting Type
  • Type of Grip ~ GoPro Adapter ~ Cell Phone Grip 
  • Ball & Head Material ~ Accessories 
  • Universal Mounts ~ Colors

We knew the X33 had to Sturdy enough to handle even a DSLR.

Honestly, we hate to even call or compare the X33 to Selfie Sticks but that name seems to have been imprinted onto everyone. As Selfie Sticks go, most are made from skinny steel rods. Very similar to TV antennas from long ago (if anyone remembers?). They were weak and could easily break. The next evolution was to use Aluminum. Aluminum poles were starting to show up but it seemed no one actually put much thought into it. 
Since we were going to focus on GoPro users, we wanted to make sure the X33 was sturdy enough and with a splash of Luxuriousness and Grandeur.   


We knew that unlike most, we needed the X33 to be Reliable and last for a very long time. Not only is the body all aluminum but the GoPro adapter, including the handle are aluminum, as well as the base of the pole. Typically, the adapter and base are plastic and we knew plastic just wouldn't cut it. 


There are few configurations you can do and after careful thought, we decided that having an interchangeable mount on top made most sense. A universal 1/4" Mount for your DSLR or any camera with a 1/4" slot can be used as well be interchange with the included Smartphone Grip. We also thought that the bottom base could use a universal 1/4" slot as well so attachments such as a mini tri-pods could be used.  


 With the X33, you get everything needed for your GoPro or Smartphone.


Black was the predominant color for monopods and bright neon colors were being used for selfie sticks. From the beginning, we knew we had to offer something different. After much feedback from you the consumer, we give you:
  • Classic Black 
  • Luxurious Gold 
  • Gun Metal Grey (my personal favorite)
  • Metallic Silver 
Which Color Will You Choose?
Which Color Will You Choose?

With these colors, you will be sure to look Professional Fashionable, if that's a get what I'm saying. You will rock! 


In this does.
We wanted it to be compact enough to fit in a purse, backpack or even your back pocket but the smaller it is, the less reach it will have when fully extended. We found ourselves scratching our heads trying figure out the best size, so again we reached out for feed back. 
It turns out that for the X Series, 8" retracted and 33" extended would be the sweet spots. 


The X33 Hybrid from inception to completion, we knew that our product would be for those who realized a $10 - $20 Selfie Stick just wouldn't cut if for your valuable and expensive GoPros and Smartphones. And if you are going to use a Monopod, why not look professional and maybe a bit of flare to boost. We knew we had the Ultimate Selfie Monopod with the X33 Hybrid.    


The hard part is done now and we have a very small inventory of X33's as our prototype pilot order. With the feedback we've received, we are confident that we are ready to move to the next phase....Mass Production and Heavy Marketing. We've spent so much energy and resources thus far that we now turn to you for support to bring our X Series to fruition.
We were able to strike a deal with our manufacturer and they allowed us to bring in a small inventory of prototypes. These have been used for marketing and samples and are also available on Amazon and our site. Keep in mind, this is only a small batch that was needed to move forwards in our process. With your support, we will be able to Mass Produce and Market properly to become a recognized brand. 


Absolutely not! We have just begun and have plans on our drawing boards for the next Three Phases. 
  • Q Series: The Q44 Extreme will be made of Carbon Fiber with an extended reach and will specifically be made for the Extreme Sports Enthusiast. 
  • R Series: The R26 Compact is geared towards Smartphone users. Compact, economical and perfect for any occasion. 
  • Z Series: The ZXX Ultimate. Top Secret.

The CLIXIE R1 Bluetooth Shutter Remote

CLIXIE R1 ~ Black & White Shown
CLIXIE R1 ~ Black & White Shown

The X33 Hybrid is geared towards GoPro users and can be a Fashionable Selfie Stick as well. As Gopro's have their own remotes, there was no need to build one into the X33. Yet if being used with your smartphone a Bluetooth Remote will be needed.  
We introduce to you the CLIXIE R1.
As with the X33 Hybrid, ordinary generic remotes simply will not go with the X33. We needed a better, more reliable, easier to use and a vastly more fashionable remote. 
No app needed. Works with any Bluetooth enabled smartphones (iOS & Android). Simple pairing and operation. Fashionable Key Chain design.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." ~ Helen Keller

We will be Honored for you to be part of our Adventure and proud to have you on-board!

If you realize the need for Quality, Reliability and Design, please support our Kickstarter Campaign.  

Thank You!

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