Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Galactica Star - The 65 Meter Yacht Built by Heesen

The Heesen "Galactica Star" is a 65 M Megayacht completed in 2013 remains one of the most expensive yachts in the world, commanding $200,000,000 USD.

Heesen Yachts is the first shipyard to build a yacht which features this innovative hull configuration
(Fast Displacement Hull Form) and uses aluminum for both hull and superstructure, providing the perfect platform for a new generation of luxury yachts.

Exterior designer Frank Laupman  said, “We’re very proud of her. The owner is very happy and proud of her; he looks at her as it is his first home. He’s very happy with the exterior and a very warm person, he has famous celebrity guests - you can see that in the press - and he’s a many-sided man. It’s nice to know a man like that is proud of what you’re doing.

The owner was looking for unique design,” explains Frank Laupman. “So we were briefed by the yard to make an iconic yacht. He wanted a beach club and a four cabin layout which is normal, but what we did is integrate the hull shape. The brief itself didn’t make her different […] so we integrated the lower and the main deck by the means of the arch. When you see her stern you see two legs coming down in an arch which merge together the hull and the superstructure so they’re melted to one shape."


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