Sunday, February 16, 2014

In The Dead of Night - Ceasefire's Fan Base Expands with Latest Video

Ceasefire is Ray Alexander, Kamren Alexander, Brandon Franklin, Anthony Hainsworth. Four men generating a string of hits among fans releases their new video, "In The Dead of Night." Emerging Magazine is proud to stand behind and support this rapid rising band, Ceasefire.

Ceasefire has a lyrical, music and video hit with In The Dead of Night. Show the love for the guys on Valentine's Day and hereafter, share if you like what these guys are putting down!

Ceasefire Bio

The sum total of Ceasefire can be broken down into the individual parts that compose this project of passion. Where music is just a pastime or hobby for some, Ray Alexander (vocals), Kamren Alexander (guitar), Tristan Montgomery (bass) and Anthony Hainsworth (drums) believe in it as a lifestyle. While the band’s name
may indicate a pause in the action, the music is a bombastic expression of the human experience and they’ve only just begun. Ceasefire have one goal and that is to be a sonic force of a rock band that moves the head as well as the strings of the heart.

Formed in 2011 and based in Orange County, CA they are known foremost for their incredible live performances, Ray’s captivating vocal presence and Kamren’s razor sharp guitar hooks that are part art, part science. Theirs is a sound that channels 80s new wave, 90s arena rock and elements of homage to their broad stretch of influences which range from Joy Division to Oasis, Morrissey to Pink Floyd and the Cure to ELO.

How Ceasefire came to be follows the same pattern as many other bands: we have the Myspace classifieds to thank for Anthony and from a mutual friend’s astute referral came Tristan Montgomery. Brothers Ray and Kamren seemed to know at an early age that music was their future and have become the band’s primary lyricists and the songs are what their feelings sound like. A melody, a guitar tone, a chord or an audio experiment can be the catalyst for what eventually becomes the next dynamic song like the post-punk air strike, “Heaven Knows.”

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