Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Walking Dead Is Notably Gaming Success

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Critically acclaimed and viewer beloved series, the Walking Dead, is now officially a commercial gaming success as well.

Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead" has received a multitude of gaming awards from multiple sites for its emotionally scarring and episodic story of survival and family in the apocalypse, complete with zombies, that befalls the stories characters.

There are now strong numbers for the show as well, underscoring its overall effect and popularity.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Telltale's Dan Connors stated that the game sold more over 8.5 million episodes, which would account for a total of $40 million in sales.

The Wall Street Journal article also states that the shows not only the strength of the game, or the popularity of zombies, but also the growing acceptance and interest in mobile devices within the gaming sphere. Connors stated that the console is a key to the companies strategy, but to ignore the emerging and growing importance of the mobile section of gamers would be absurd.

It is still not fore sure that Walking Dead would have been the same kind of runaway success in the same way if the game had been released in a single chunk, rather than in episodes. People waited with bated breath for each new episode of the game, and gaming blogs kept constant interest at full attention as each new episode spurred more and more media conversation and interest.

The game and its surrounding internet presence gained so much hype per episode, that latecomers were able to become wrapped up in the world and immediately jump into the game.

Walking Dead is not the only game to utilize the strategy this year, as Halo 4 embraced the episodic concept with "Spartan Ops."

There appears to be a new era of gaming, and Walking Dead may simply be the first to truly show the potential of the gaming type.

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