Friday, January 18, 2013

James Lynch: The Leading Actors of Choice to play in an Intellectual Drama

James Lynch's article posts have become the most popular on Emerging Magazine.

The most popular, receiving 24,426 views (at the time of this posting), is titled, "The Leading Actors of Choice to Play in an Intellectual Drama."

His writing continues to draw readers from various regions around the world. A brief snippet of James' most popular post is provide below. To continue reading click the "Read more" link provided.

Whether the actor plays the protagonist or antagonist, it is in the eyes, look at the character in the eyes.
Authors often get asked who would be the leading choice of actors if their book(s) would be made into a movie or play?
With such an abundance of talent in the world, who would you choose?
I was asked this question over a year ago, and my answer was the same then as it is now. The Product of Culture trilogy is an intellectual drama. Yes, there are a few physical confrontation action scenes, and in some military settings, but the book series focuses on the battles within the mind. Here is a very important point. The Product of Culture series does not focus on race or color of skin in the book. It is the culture and background in the story line that allows readers of any national background to identify with the characters. In fact, it is not a national but really an international situation the protagonist and antagonist are in! Hence, the leading actors and actresses that I choose are ones that displays an ability to cause people to forget about the color of one’s skin. Yes, the focus would be on the characters mindset and motivations.
Therefore, my response to the question, “Who would be your leading choice of actors if your book(s) would be made into a movie or play?”
Answer: 1) Will Smith
                2) Clint Eastwood
These actors know their craft. “The Pursuit of... Read more

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