Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Men's Fall Fashion for 2012 - English, Color and Leather

Men's Fashion for Fall 2012

Fall 2012
Expect color, lots of leather, three-piece suits, jean cuffing, oxford shoes, over-sized coats and a spot of England this season.

A "Spot of England" includes plaids, checks, herringbone and tweeds. Making them work together takes some time and consideration. However, the result is smashing.

I have always enjoyed color and blending them for optimum effect. Many men are fearful of color, not sure which to blend together. Color is not required from head to toe in order to work effectively and highlight your best features. Take some time in front of a mirror while getting combos and ensembles just right.

The season for leather and more leather! From attache' cases to jackets, you cannot go wrong with leather in 2012. Get yourself that slung over the shoulder weekender bag you have been eyeing. I have a black leather cross-body messenger bag that looks well with jeans and a jacket.

Three-piece suits are all the rage: coats, trousers and vests. And don’t forget the versatility of vests! You can wear them sexily and stylishly alone with a button-down shirt — with or without a tie.

The trend for jeans this year is to cuff them. Although jeans are not an every day dress code, they are easy to accessorize with leather, a tweed jacket and broadcloth white shirt. A dark and clean cut will fit well in your fall wardrobe.

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