Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gillette Daisy Razors - The New Pink For Men?

Guys put away your brain-washed teachings that the color pink is for girls only, if you really want a great shave. Gillette Daisy disposable razors might surprise you! 

August 21, 2011

Being a man, I too was taught, pink for girls, blue for guys. However, I have never been one to follow everything I was told. Although there are times, I have drawn the line. Gillette Daisy Razors was one of those periods of time when I had to draw the line, until about four years ago. Don't worry guys, you can always tell your friends, if you are doubting your masculinity, a girl spent some time with you and left them in your bath area or bedroom. Nobody has to know, right?

Here's how it went down. I've always believed that disposable razors were for emergencies only and certainly having the latest electric or razor blade was the way things were supposed to be. Male products for men. First, there were single blades, twin blades, triple, quad and if there are more now, I wouldn't know.

I am on my phone talking to my then, girlfriend, now my wife, Cher. Walking the aisles in a Walgreens store on Market Street in central San Francisco, we are discussing items I am buying. I mention I must buy razors, the shiny packaged quad type. Cher casually suggests, "You should try Gillette Daisy disposables."

I couldn't believe my ears! How could she suggest such a thing? I am a man, I thought. How could she think for a moment the guy she was engaged to marry would ever use some "girl's" razor... pink at that! Being they were disposables, made matters worse. Surely Cher did not think a guy would use such an item, much less walk up to the cashier with these items in his hand. Bringing my thoughts together and shaking off the sheer shock, I explained to my future bride how real men do not buy pink, disposable razors... ever!

Cher proceeded to inform me she had suggested them to a REAL MAN friend of hers, and how he reluctantly tried them, hid them for a few days, but thanked her for the suggestion. Naturally, knowing she could be a prankster, I knew (or so I believed) Cher was testing me.

So, I laughed and made it known the gig was up and how she had me going for a minute. What kind of guy would ever have those in his travel shaving kit or personal bathroom? Yet, she did not give, "No really," she continues, "Try them, you might be surprised, my friend was, he still uses them as far as know." 

I bought my regular quad type razors and nonchalantly picked up a 10 pack of pink Gillette Daisy disposable, plastic razors. At least the clerk would think I was buying razors for me and pink Daisy's for a female friend.

Here we are four years later, when it is time to buy razors, my wife buys a pack for herself and I purchase a pack for me. I have never had a shave as close as I do with the Daisy. I was quite surprised, and if anyone should ever ask why I have pink disposable razors in my bath area, I proudly tell them the story of how I discovered that pink is not always for women only.

Try them and let me know what you think. You might be surprised. Don't worry though, your secret will be safe with me, until the day comes you can share the story with your friends.

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