Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We fell in love with her in her role of Kelly Bundy on the FOX hit series, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. We watched her bring to life the role of the young Grace Kelly in the hit film of the same name, GRACE KELLY. It was at that point that America discovered its true admiration and fondness for the extraordinary talent and personality of TV/FILM Actress, Christina Applegate. It's no surprise that not too long ago she received the coveted PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD for America's favorite TV Actress.

After recently having her baby in January of this year off the screen, Christina for the first time since having her child is now returning to Hollywood with her Nanny in place to take care of her newborn in order to bring to us her comedic, artistic gifts yet again, this time, in a role that is essentially "reality driven" and one that will hit home with all viewers.

In the new fall season launch of the NBC SERIES, UP ALL NIGHT, Christina stars with Arrested Development's Will Arnett in a funny new series about Parenting and the crazy schedules that present themselves when the baby comes home. Christina plays the role of Reagan, a high energy PR executive with Will playing the role of Chris, her stay at home husband. The two are inseparable from the baby and are excited to incessantly share photos and dialogue about the birth of their first child with Saturday Night Live Alumni, Maya Rudolph, who plays Reagan's boss on the series.

The series explores the minute by minute unpredictable adventures of parenting a newborn baby, from the couple's inability to communicate in "English" to the child to their comedically driven ideas of how to communicate in "goo goo" language that lead to miscommunications between them and the baby all brought out in quirky and funny scenarios that the three seasoned comedic stars are sure to present in each episode, ultimately exploring the dynamic of balancing all nighters with burping the baby and at the same time having a personal life. Cast members include Nick Cannon and Matt Lauer and is produced by Broadway Video, the powerhouse production company that brings us SNL every week. The fall season launch of UP ALL NIGHT is set to air at 8pm Pacific/ 10pm Central, Wednesday, September 14,2011.

Congratulations, Christina!

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