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2011 Interview With A 23 Year Old Ku Klux Klansman From Vidor, Texas

Interview With A Klansman - Vidor, Texas 2011
Recently, while visiting Texas I had an opportunity to interview a young 23 year old Ku Klux Klan family member from Vidor, Texas.
Vidor, Texas is a small town of approximately 26,000 people, nestled between the Texas/Louisina border and Beaumont, Texas. The majority of citizens residing in Vidor are 96.6% Caucasian with an estimated 664 Hispanics, 15 Asians and an estimated 7 African-Americans. 
Vidor is known by many as one of the several small American towns named, Sundowner Towns. Sundowner towns are reputed for following the rule, "No Blacks Allowed After Sundown." The Texas town has a reputation as being a Ku Klux Klan haven.
When asked about Klan rallies in Vidor, city officials are quick to point out that it doesn't mean that a rally is filled with Vidor residents. The Klan brings in members from other areas.
The Federal Government stepped in 1992 to ensure black families would live in Vidor. A few moved in under the mandate, but moved out later.The following interview was conducted between myself and a 23 year old man named Allen, residing in Vidor, Texas.
The young man had recently been released from an Orange County Texas jail. He was accused of a MTRP (Motion To Revoke Probation). The following is our up close and personal interview.

EM: You were recently released from jail for a MTRP. What are you expecting to receive as a sentence from the court for this offense?
Allen: I have been offered 18 months State Jail by the District Attorney's office.
EM: Obviously you have been in trouble with the police in the past, how many times have you been in trouble prior to today?
Allen: I had six (6) felonies before I was 16 years old. I stole a church school bus when I was 12 years old.
EM:  You were twelve (12) years old when you first got into trouble with police? Was this your first time to be charged with a felony?
Allen: No, this was not my first time to get into trouble, I was in and out of Juvie (Juvenile Detention) beginning at age ten (10) until I was sixteen (16) years old. Six charges were felonies of which I was charged and convicted and served time as well as received probation before I was 16.
EM: What was your worst experience during these times?
Allen: There really weren't any times I can call, "worst," they were all learning experiences.
EM: During your earlier years or in your present did you join any gangs are become affiliated with any organizations?
Allen: I am affiliated with an organization, but not due to my scrapes with the law.
EM: May I ask what organization you are affliated with?
Allen: I don't mind you asking. I have been a member of the Ku Klux Klan since I was three (3) years old.
EM: How did you become affiliated at such a young age?
Allen: My family members are Klansmen.
EM: The world is familiar with the KKK and some of its history. However, coming from you, a long time member, what can you tell me is the purpose of the KKK?
Allen: Our purpose is to protect and preserve the existence of our white race and our white children. We are not to hate others, but to preserve and protect.
EM: What does the organization hope to accomplish? To Read More [Click Here]


Anonymous said...

The races he doesn't like: Jews because they killed Jesus Christ....Blacks because they can't get over the past.

Lol Jewish people in 2012 have nothing to do with what Jewish people were said to have done in 30 AD, how contradicting... Who isn't getting over the past?

Clay Hillin said...

My mom grew up in Vidor. She told me that they used to have a big billboard coming into town that read, "No ni**ers allowed." East Texas is not the place to be if you aren't white and openly racist.

Clay Hillin said...

My mom grew up in Vidor. She told me there was always a big billboard coming in to town that read, "Welcome to Vidor, No N*ggers Allowed". Not exactly an Obama base.

Anonymous said...

The sign actually said ni**r don't let sun set on your black ass II grew up there to.

marcus said...

You people are stupid,Vidor is a drug infested town with that white power shit still going on someone needs to come in and clean that shit up. I can't believe people are still doin that shit in east Texas. I think people that reminds other people the history of Vidor have some sort of connection with the culture, otherwise its embarrasing if you are from Vidor.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fee, Figh, Fo, Figure, I DON'T LIKE A NIGGER

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