Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Become A News Contributor, Event Reporter or Freelance Journalist For Emerging Magazine

Question: What Is A Contributor?

: A contributor to Emerging Magazine is a person whom shares articles, event info, news, photos, videos with viewers of the magazine. Contributors can be business or service industry owners or businesses.

Contributors may be individuals desiring more exposure or promotion of their talent or work. Such as actors, filmmakers, photographers, models, writers, etc.

Question: Why become a Contributor?

Emerging Magazine is an advertising and marketing company know for its ability to gain mass global appeal, name recognition and branding for Contributors.

Utilizing up to date internet technology and traditional marketing methods, Emerging Magazine
promotes its Contributors to the global community in minutes, what typically takes traditional advertising and marketing agencies weeks and months to accomplish.

Emerging Magazine produces celebrity charity events enabling Contributors exposure to celebrities, ranging from actors to sports figures. Typically, Contributors can become sponsors of these events. Celebrities meet the Contributors and try products or services produced by Contributors.

Question: How Do I Become A Contributor To Emerging Magazine?

Answer: The process is quite simple. Join Emerging Magazine and use the tools available on the site.

Emerging Magazine is constantly adding new features to assist Contributors with promotional and marketing opportunities.

Using our Blogs, Forums or News Groups is a great way to advertise yourself, business, profession or service. Write the story, add photos or videos and the site does the rest. Share the links on social websites or on your website(s)

Contributors may embed or link our slide-show or video players in blogs, social networks or websites.

Question: Is An Age Limit Imposed?

Answer: To become a Contributor of Emerging Magazine, the minimum age requirement is seventeen (17) years of age.

Question: What Categories Are Available for Contributors?

Answer: The following categories are currently available:



Beauty & Cosmetics

Charity Events


Cities Alive!


Event Happenings



Home & Garden

Human Interest

Humor & Odd


Leisure & Travel



Luxury Products


National News (US)

New Technology




World News

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