Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okgate Global Co., Ltd Plagiarizes Emerging Magazine, Inc Press Release - Okgate Links Mislead Viewers

Emerging Magazine, Inc issued a Press Release regarding beauty products dated April 05, 2010

Okgate Global Co., Ltd issued the exact press release dated April O7, 2010 as issued by The issuer completely copies Emerging Magazine's press release except to replace links posted by Emerging Magazine to reflect theirs, The photo used for Emerging Magazine's press release remained with the title changed from Cupron UK Gift Set to read

The plagiarized version goes on to use Emerging Magazine's company bio and description only to add their company information below, even going as far to replace the link to Emerging Magazine's website with their own.

Emerging Magazine, Inc does not endorse Okgate Global Co., Ltd nor the Further, Okgate Global Co., Ltd nor has in the past or presently been or is a client of Emerging magazine, Emerging Magazine, Inc or Emerging Magazine Services.

The plagiarized version can be viewed at

Discovery of the plagiarized version was made April 18, 2010 while updating Emerging Magazine's original press release by removing the words U.S., additionally Emerging Magazine was notified by a client as it was picked up by Google Alerts.

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