Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emerging Magazine Thanks Visitors With Free Travel and Vacation Certificates

Emerging Magazine thanks visitors to its websites by offering free travel and vacation package certificates. Emerging Magazine says anyone visiting the sites may download a certificate(s) of their choice.

Emerging Magazine has announced it has released its visitor incentive program as a "Thank You" to those visiting the site in the next 30 days. The company says, in 2008 while celebrating its 5th year online, Emerging Magazine offered the program on all of its websites and networks, the program received rave reviews from those partaking of the packages, they have decided to offer certificates to anyone visiting the website for the next 30 days.

The travel and vacations are free, the recipients pay only a small registration fee and taxes. A vacation package's typical total cost approximately $150.00, while other packages have taxes for less. The packages are NOT those where a recipient has to tour a vacation resort or condominium and listen to a 90 minute sales pitch.

Hotels, Resorts and Airlines offer free travel and vacations to individuals as a method of advertising their property or service. Word-of-mouth advertising has long been known for one of the best forms of advertising. Therefore, by the recipient paying the taxes, the hotels, resorts and airlines present attractive stays or vacation packages to the receivers of the free certificates, their desire is for the traveler to tell others of the fabulous vacation, cruise, resort package they enjoyed.

Word-of-mouth advertising for the resort spreads among friends and associates, enticing others to visit or travel as well. Once a person downloads a certificate from Emerging Magazine's website the recipient has 30 days to register the certificate(s) and up to 1 and 2 years to take their vacation or travel experience.

Emerging Magazine will be running the promotion on its websites and networks until March 21,2010. The company hopes to introduce visitors to services it offers individuals or business requiring branding, name recognition or event production services. The company is a full service marketing, promotion and production company providing immediate branding and recognition globally in minutes at costs far below traditional methods.

Emerging Magazine is a marketing and promotions company dedicated to promoting positive change products, charities, artist, actors, designers, film makers, musicians, writers and other talent in the arts, entertainment and lifestyles industries.

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