Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Models Selling Real Estate To Help Charity.

Real estate company merges the best of three worlds; contracting models to sell mansions, creating the first ever “Models Realty” with a live reality show, then “Models Realty” shares that love with a different charity in each episode.

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Real estate company merges the best of three worlds; contracting models to sell mansions, creating the first ever “Models Realty” [] with a live reality show that is interesting sponsors from Lamborghini to Victoria’s Secret, and then “Models Realty” shares the love with a different charity in each episode.

“We are uniting two top rated reality show themes; (models) and (real estate) to attract millions of viewers. Models are paid to sell perfumes, fashions, and cars, so in this buyers’ market, models are the best to sell property too”. Says the producer Mike Lambert who calls himself the “Bob Barker of real estate”. “We greatly appreciate all the love that is being generated by Models Realty”

“Models Realty” is jumping 3 extra steps to help luxury home owners – some of whom are concerned the bank will foreclose on their house -, sell their properties; besides offering beauty, “Models Realty” also gives to the charity of the buyers’ choice, and records a live reality show inside the homeowner’s house with a model highlighting each room. The Models do this for free for the homeowner until the home sells.

Giving an East coast’s taste the West coast’s show “Million dollar listing” while merging the glamour and allure of American, exotic, and international models from the local modeling world capital; New York City. The new show also has the models race for being the best real estate sales agent like “America’s next top model”. In addition to this marvelous match, “Models Realty” circulates the love by donating a part of the $55 billion in real estate commission paid to Realtors each year.

The “Models Realty” show films the eye catching models - both males and females - prospecting appointments, negotiating, and modeling the properties. Mr. Lambert believes it is a win/win environment; home owners get their listings featured on a live reality show, and the models have a large network of wealthy contacts and investors, attracting more buyers, so everyone wins.

“We license and train our models to be real estate sales agents to keep the integrity and professionalism of being a Realtor, rather than just treating the models as objects. A model can make $100,000 on a $4 million dollar home” says the casting director Abu Ali who has been a Realtor for 5 years.

“I love what I do, being around models and inside mansions is exhilarating, I rescue home owners from foreclosure, help buyers find a home, and we contribute that love to a charity of the clients’ choice so everyone is very appreciative. Our models are also ‘model citizens’”

“Models are more ambitious than the average Realtor, constantly running to various appointments to sell an assortment of products, now they can sell big ticket properties too” A staff needed to be hired to qualify the callers, some wanting to drive around with models looking at mansions pretending to be buyers.

To further balance the appreciation of models as Realtors, the show’s producers have teamed up with “Commission Donation” a nonprofit organization that lists charities and salespeople who agree to give a part or half of their commission to the clients’ charity of choice.

Helping those in need while getting a tax credit for the clients and attracting more business is another win/win relationship that the producers felt would be a perfect match and possibly start another trend of more salespeople donating a part of their commission to charities on the clients behalf. The clients’ favorite charity is also filmed after the models sell a property to bring consciousness to the clients’ charity giving help and love to children and adults who need us.


Name: Michael Lambert
Company name: Models Realty
Phone: 203-616-0727
Fax: 203-413-3335
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