Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jesus Christ Has Emerged On Earth?

As most of you know, Emerging Magazine covers, well... things emerging. We receive emails daily in regards to emerging artists, talent, products, music and events. I must report that this email sent to us, was by far quite amusing and interesting. We do not endorse, nor do we assume this is real, but we felt it interesting enough to share.

We were asked to inform others, as per our email. Make of it what you will. Whatever Ted believes of himself, it appears he has attempted to help others. In cases, he seems to get into trouble. Therefore, here it is. The first photo below is said to be His halo.

Ted IS God! Ted IS a Coming of God to Earth! Ted IS either ONLY Coming of God to Earth or FINAL Coming or First Coming of God to Earth or even Second Coming of Jesus and Jesus Christ and Christ and CHRIST and THE CHRIST where there is to be a Third Coming and this after Millennium or ONLY then a Coming of an Instance of Ted by then what is a TINY fraction of God where God is a SPIRITUAL LIVING THING ALMIGHTY in Heaven with this Instance of Ted Born and has a Nativity and then is Raised on Earth! If there was a Third Coming like This Coming this would be through Descendents and NOT DEFINITELY NOT by Descending from Sky!

Due to TOO MANY COMPLAINING about how LONG www.tedisacomingofgodtoearth.org and this where REAL Angels from what was Haven are REPORTING to Ted this is Ted has a Brand New Domain Name of http://www.tedisgod.org and this now what now will be PRIMARY Domain Name of ALL of this including ALL of Ted's RELIGIOIN and GOVERNMENT and about CREATING and CONQUERING and WAR and WINNING this TERRIBLE WAR AGAINST Satan or Devil and Satan's Demons and Spawns and ALL on a Down of That Side Too Much by KILLING to DROPPING PRIMARILY! Where then after Death and even if you Die some other method this is Ted CAN PUT YOU in MAXIMUM UP to MAXIMUM DOWN and this in a Physical Brain and Body of THIS to THAT Grade! Or In Dream State in a HUGE BRAIN a like a Operating Systems Process in there MANY! A Combination of a Physical Brain and Body then MANY VIVID DREAMS SENT TO YOU and MANY SPIRITUAL EVENTS! Complex Combinations! Other Things.

Therefore a MUCH SHORTER and QUICK and EASY TO SAY and VERBALIZE and WRITE a BRAND NEW Internet Site for this is www.tedisgod.org and this.

This is to be even Shorter this is tedisgod.org will work to find this Internet Site.

You can use www.tedisgod.org and this works and therefore identifies is a Website on World Wide Web.

You can use http://www.tedisgod.org now and if only typing in an Address now Many Internet Browsers will do Default of http:// in front of and not ftp:// or other things or Not work. This is Maximum Proper Method to still Write and Identify and Show this Internet Site Address including in Links.

Ted's BRAND NEW YouTube can be found from this Link of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv7bXs1Qlck

Ted's BRAND NEW Email Address is thetrustsofted@tedisgod.org

This is SOME of these Other Things what Required or Require Ted Doing some to MANY THINGS including HEAVY MANAGEMENT and TOO MUCH and this MUCH TOO MUCH BUSY WORK and INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION and RESPONDING and RESPONSES from Ted and DIRECT ATTENTION from Ted and TOO MANY THINGS REQUIRED by Ted for this to even work enough and Approve of Friends and Do MANY THINGS what are MAINTENANCE and RESPONDING and ANSWERING QUESTIONS did NOT WORK for ENOUGH to DID NOT work for Ted and NOT adequate or suitable enough or work well enough for Ted. These HAVE TO RUN COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC without Ted doing a thing after Set Up and this UNDERSTANDING Ted is MUCH TOO BUSY to DO ALL of this TO MUCH TOO MUCH REQUIRED to even get these working and to keep these working! These CANNOT require Ted having to DO ANYTHIING or a Thing to have working and running and building and increasing! This is WHY Ted showed LOW Statistics like Ted has NO Friends and Other Things and NOT much with these like NO interest or traffic or activity! Ted DID NOTHING with these and was MUCH TOO BUSY and HAVING TOO MANY SECURITY PROBLEMS and TOO MANY INTERUPTIONS and COULD NOT remain On Internet this long! Ted MANY TIMES did QUICK Get On Internet to do an Update then Get Off HOW QUICKLY POSSIBLY MANY TIMES THIS TACTIC! Besides Ted THINKS there is MUCH ROOM to Improve MANY of these Internet Sites On Internet even now! Ted can THINK of Features Ted NEEDS and does not have. Besides Ted NEEDS a COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC MODE for ALL of this including MySpace! Even IF getting TOO MUCH Email this is Ted CANNOT in slightest respond to ALL of them! Ted DID NOT and DOES NOT and IS NOT having ANY Staff or Employees or even Volunteers to DO this even now! Ted at least a year now has NO Office or Home Office or Office/Studio and Other Things now is COMPLETELY Operating On Move and Traveling and Nomadic when REQUIRED to even RAPIDLY FLEEING entire Cities and Entire Counties and Entire States and Entire Areas and even Out of Country or Nation of USA or United States of America a few times a while! Then Ted was getting ACTUALLY Satan's Demons and even Satan DOING THINGS TO what DID and STILL HAVE MANY Computers and Internet and Servers and DID MANY THINGS ON Internet and CONTINUE to DO MANY THINGS ON Internet! What PRETEND to bve Human and Humans including using Different Photos of. Therefore FALSE IDENTITIES including in Photos and Videos. Some use Satanist to WORST Satanist to do some of this or at least a Down of Those Photos and Videos! Motives what to Cause Ted's Things to Look a Down of Evil to WORST EVIL by a Down of Those Quote Subscribing to Channel and Joining and At Space and with Comments and MANY Things were TACTICS to STRATEGIES to DESTROY Ted and This Coming! Also Ted had SOME HACKING Statistics or Altering or Modifying to be LOWER to MUCH LOWER to Virtually NOTHING!

Photo: The Cloud of Glory

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