Saturday, September 12, 2009

Emerging Magazine Latest Guest List Additions- Emmy Gift Suite

Romi Dames - Starring on Hannah Montana, voice for Phineaus and Ferb. Is currently working with Carol Channing and her foundation to help fund the arts in public schools program. Romi is also the hostess of an upcoming event to benefit "Covenant House" a safe haven for homeless youth.

RJ Mitte - RJ is starring on Emmy nominated television series, "Breaking Bad" , up for Best Dramatic Series and several others. Is the National SAG Spokesperson for Actors with Disabilities and is also a spokesperson for diversity in the arts

Addison Witt
- CEO of Witt Entertainment Management, Inc. He is a entrepreneur, actor, dealmaker, pitchman, and teacher. WEM, inc., the talent Management Company became well established for developing the talents of novice actors and guiding them into TV and Film stars. Now famous discoveries of Addison K. Witt are Leah Pipes, RJ Mitte, Nikki SooHoo, Sierra McCormick. The list of other notable actors trained by Witt are hundreds of working actors in commercials, serial television, Film, stage, and New Media.

Scott Overgaard - Scott Overgaard is a Hollywood stylist that has seen and been apart of the changing trends in fashion over the past twenty years. His extensive experience includes editorial, high fashion, episodic television, and film.

His list of clients range from models and entertainers, to TV and film stars:
Helen Hunt, Jane Seymore, Carol Alt, Pat Benatar, Angela Jones from Pulp Fiction, and RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad.

Screen credits: 'Moonlight', 'Batman Returns', and 'A Time to Kill' among others.

Jordan Fry - Starring in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Starring lead voice in Disney's "Meet the Robinsons", Alan Arkin's grandson in "Raising Flagg"

Qorianka Kilcher
- Starring in the Princess Kauilani with Barry Pepper and Will Patton, Starring in Howard Zinn's "The People Speak" with Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Marisa Tomei, David Straithern, Matt Damon, Starring lead in The New World with Colin Farrell and Christian Bale. Qorianka has become one of the most influential Native American Women in history. She is the Global Youth Ambassador for Amnesty International and Amazon Watch. She was appointed to a diplomatic position under the Chief Secretariat of Indiginous Tribes for the United Nations

Joell Posey - "Social Girls Television Pilot Series, Rock Band & clothing line." Joell has served in her church and community for the last 7 years by providing clothing for the needy, backpacks and supplies for children starting kindergarten in the more poverty stricken areas of LA. She has collected can food and used her income from acting and modeling to purchase gifts for children and families at Christmas for the last 12 years. Joell has participated and volunteered for several events involving Amnesty International Fundraisers and symposiums and Environmental Foundations fundraisers.

Renna Nightingale
- "Social Girls Television Pilot Series, Rock Band & clothing line."

Samantha Lonigro
- "Social Girls Television Pilot Series, Rock Band & clothing line"
Nikki Soohoo - The Lovely Bones (2009), Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009) Christina

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