Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sebastian Mercier - Gift Suite Sponsor - 2009 Emerging Magazine Emmy Suite

Artist Sebastian Mercier has become the latest 2009 Emmy Gift Suite Sponsor for Emerging Magazine. Sebastian was contacted by an Emerging Magazine representative due to Sebastian Mercier's extraordinary paintings. His work will be presented in swag gift bags during the two-day event to be held in Beverly Hills, CA., September 18 and 19, 2009.

Sebastian Mercier

Born in 1981 in Montreal, Quebec and then raised in a french canadian culture, my artistic journey begun while I was a kid, though painting, drawing, sculpture, drama, dance, ...

Recently arrived to the west coast, my inspiration has faced a new movement and got focussed on painting mostly abstract ... Inspired by my adventures, my friends, some good music ... my paintings are for me a way to engrave an emotion.

Emerging Magazine
invites you to visit Sebastian Mercier's art work at Emerging Magazine proudly welcomes Sebastian to this year's event.

For sponsorship consideration for your product or service during this event or other Awards Show events visit Emerging Magazine Gift Suite Sponsors.

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