Friday, August 14, 2009

Arts and Entertainment Networking Professionals - Emerging Magazine Interactive

Emerging Magazine, Inc has long been known as a company dedicated to the promotion and marketing of art and entertainment professionals. We are hoping to further this dedication by creating a network of professionals desiring to collaborate and exchange ideas with each other. Certainly there are so many networks today to accomplish these goals.

Emerging Magazine is experiencing tremendous growth and we are changing to meet the needs of not only our clients, but to reach others we would not otherwise have the opportunity to merge ideas and goals.

Emerging Magazine provides service to companies and individuals that are anxious to activate a positive transformation.

Informed, tenacious, compelling, trust...words you expect to be synonymous with a company you want diligently performing for you. Our team forms a solid connection with the media as a valuable resource. Tactical expectations that are optimized for maximum response.

As an advocate for our clients and a trusted resource for media and entertainment industry connections, we engage a broad spectrum of target audiences across the arts and entertainment industries.

Join our new networking tool: Emerging Magazine Interactive Dedicated to Artists, Actors, Designers, Film & Television Industry Professionals, Models, Music Industry Professionals, Photographers.

Emerging Magazine will choose from member profiles each week for a feature at Emerging Magazine complete with a promo page.

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