Monday, July 27, 2009

Fashion Industry Network - The Fashionable Place To Connect

Whether you a designer of jewelry, fashion, shoes or a model, model photographer the need for new contacts is important. There is one place to connect with other like-minded individuals and professionals, Fashion Industry Network.

With over 7100 members worldwide, Fashion Industry Network will open doors for you or your company. Emerging Magazine has been a member for quite some time, bringing others together and working to promote many of the designers, models, photographers and others in the fashion industry.

Fashion Industry Network is a great place to promote yourself, sure, however there is so much more. Fashion Industry writers give advice on the latest trends around the world. Fashion industry bloggers give helpful tips and avenues for new connections. The forum is chocked full of resources and information. Join their groups for a more refined area to meet those specifically interlaced with your particular field or medium.

Emerging Magazine is proud to be a small part of a magnificent network. Visit the network and sign up, get connected and it is a world full of resources without costing you anything.

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